We are here to celebrate life. To celebrate happiness. To honor freedom.
Inspired by the small moments of happiness that fill life, AWARE was born with the purpose of combining the natural beauty of women and the timelessness of fashion. We want to be by your side so that you celebrate yourself, so that you celebrate your life and accompany you in the happiest moments. We want to travel with you, explore and live unforgettable memories. We want our clothes to evoke your freest, wildest, most adventurous part. But above all, we want to share it with you. Because this is the essence of life. Create a community of conscious, independent, self-confident women who inspire and empower each other.

We are AWARE –'aware' – of the singularity of each woman, of the dualities that inhabit us and that make us who we are. Because we are firm and sweet, elegant and natural, strong and delicate, powerful and humble. Because we are our own muse and we always enjoy life, with each of our facets.