Choose the underwear for your guest look

We know that choosing the right underwear can be a difficult task. In this article we will talk about what type of underwear is most convenient depending on the type of neckline of your guest dress. We will talk about the most common and ways to wear them.

  • Let's start with halter necklines . For these dresses, the best option is a bra with adjustable neck straps. In this way, you can adjust the height of the neckline according to your preference. If you have a larger bust, an underwire bra will give you the support you need.
  • If you're wearing a dress with a low back , an adhesive or strapless bra is the perfect option. Adhesive bras stick to the skin and provide gentle support. We recommend the use of boob tape , or support tape, in order to create the perfect fit.
  • For dresses with a V-neckline , an underwire bra is a good choice. This type of bra lifts the bust and makes it look rounder. If you prefer to avoid underwire, you can opt for a non-wired bra that is shaped like an inverted triangle. You can also try a boob tape for lighter support.
  • For dresses with an asymmetrical neckline , a strapless bra is the best option. A balconette bra with removable straps is also a good option.

And of course, if you feel comfortable and confident, choose to wear them without a bra. Also, remember that there are many tricks to avoid chafing and to make you feel comfortable in your skin. The most important thing is that you feel yourself and enjoy the celebration to the fullest.